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Reverse Shackle CJ-5


There had been some discussion amongst us (maybe it was just Mitch and I?) about whether CJ-5s came with reversed shackles.  Well, here’s an early pretty stock 1955 CJ-5 (serial number 10534) pointed out to me by a reader that has a the reverse shackles.  So, at least for a time, the CJ-5s came with the reversed shackles.


9 Comments on “Reverse Shackle CJ-5

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    Yes, they did come on m38a1 jeeps. The debate was whether they appeared on CJ-5s. It appears they did. So, my question now is why and for how long? I’ll keep looking into it.

    – Dave

  2. Jim Boswell

    I have had a ton of M38A1s, all had reverse shackles from the factory. I have had a ton of early civilian CJ5s and have never seen one with reverse shackles but since the M38A1 came first (1952) theres a very good chance as willys was “switching” over to civilian sales some M38A1 frames were used. I have found M38A1 parts, axles, brake parts etc on original low mile CJ5s, some frames must have made it out also. Anyone that has this shackle set up, like Dan above, please climb underneath and tell me if there is a cross member (machine gun mount) with a big base plate under the center of the bed????? Curious if they used the whole M38A1 frame, mount and all. Jim

  3. Dan

    I didn’t see any machine gun base plate. I have the cross member just behind the seats and then a small one running left to right of the bed just behind the rear diff. The small cross member is what the tow hitch ties back to.

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