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Diamond Plating Question

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Several of our finest in Blue from Arizona read ewillys daily.  One of the readers asked about diamond plating for old flatties.  I can’t say I was much help, but maybe some of you have a suggestion?

Here is what I wrote:

It appears Warrior Products ( is the only company making them still (that I can find).  Most of the links below are the same product sold at different prices.

Here’s some options for side plates: $115 (for cj3a …  cj3b not mentioned)
BEST PRICE:|9288;folder|5701

Here are corner options for corner plates:|9269;folder|5709

Used Jeep Junkyards (maybe they have some): (Wylie, Tx) (Antelope, CA) (Englewood, CO) (Kingston NY)

Working with Diamond Plating:

How to Polish Aluminum Diamond Plating (Something I didn’t know)


5 Comments on “Diamond Plating Question

  1. Mitch

    Here’s what I wish someone would make for flatties….. Smooth Steel corners. I want something akin to the steel crusher corners that Poison Spider customs was making for TJ’s… I think it was maybe 1/8″ steel. I want to be able to paint them or powder coat and bash them and not worry about it……

  2. roy

    try off your rocker panels .com the have theme in diamond plate and smooth corner’s steel .i’am not sure what the offer on rocker’s.

  3. jamesholden

    looks like the same s@$% bolted on my flatty now other than i haven’t seen any intergrated steps on any(pretty non functional site though. at least yours might be made here. i will post pics soon, we are making cold rolled flat steel corners and rockers with tube 90’s pc’d and raw. was sick of seeing dp hazed aluminum. for colors, we just need paint man., base, and formulation

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