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Crofton Bug

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Crosley was the maker of some of the prototype lightweight Jeeps the Army and Willys considered building.  Apparently, Crosley continued down this path of lightweight utility vehicles.  One of the results of this efforts was designed by the Crosley company and called a Farm-O-Road.  The Crofton Bug, based on the Farm-O-Road design was actually produced by the Crofton Marine Engine Company.  Only about 250 Crofton Bugs were built between 1959 and 1962 (or 1963).  Like the jeep, these had some farm tools you could attach to these ‘mini jeeps’.  You can learn more about this 1100lb vehicle at Tom’s Crofton Bug website.

Thanks to Gerald for finding these two pics.



Here’s Tom’s Crofton Bug and a few of his pics.  Drop by his website to learn more about the Crofton Bug and see more images and brochures.



Links to the Crofton Bug:

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