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Update glitch — final update


UPDATE:  Final word

After playing with this issue for days, I kept running into similar problems; no matter what code I used to create the submenu, it wouldn’t work.  For reasons as yet unclear, users that are not logged in can’t access the code to make the menu run.

So, I have a big reminder to people that automatically pops up on all subpages when users are not logged, reminding you/them to log into the site to view the subpages.  I’ve also reinstalled some side menu widgets as well.

Please let me know if you encounter any problems ..

– D


I updated to the latest version of wordpress, which caused a couple glitches.  I’ve fixed most of them, but one strange issue is that when you aren’t logged it, you can’t see any sub pages.  Perhaps that’s been an ongoing issue about which i was unaware?

I’ll address this asap, but the front page works just fine.


– Dave


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