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Chris’ DJ-3A

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Searching for something else, I discovered Chris Kelley’s blog and his new Willys: a 1956 DJ-3A with 4wd.  I’ve seen enough DJ-3As with 4wd that I asked Bruce if he knew whether any DJ-3As came with a 4wd package, but to the best of his knowledge (which is the best I know of) he said there was no 4wd option of which he was aware.

Chris writes on his website about new purchase (sept 7 09) “Yep, you’re looking at a 1956 (sort of) CJ3a (sort of) Willy’s Overland Jeep (completely!).  Its sort of a 56 since that’s what the tub plate says.  Its also only sort of a CJ3A since the tub plate also says its a DJ3a, which was a 2 wheel drive version made for the postal service and other delivery trucks.  However, my best guess is that someone replaced the original tub with the one it has now, since this does have 4WD.”

It’s a good looking jeep, though there’s a small ding in the passenger rear, and here some pics from his site:


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  1. Chris

    Hey, thanks for the link. The more I dig into it the more I am learning that I have a bit of a franken-jeep. It seems that it is a body from a DJ3A from 1956, but the frame and motor are from a 195X?? CJ3A. Also, the 4WD is modded as well, since from what I have been able to tell they didn;t come with locking hubs, which mine does have in addition to the shift lever.

    I plan to re-furb it a bit this spring. Got a nice custom fabbed roll bar last fall that I will get tacked in. I also plan to get a little work done to the motor, have a back seat put in and replace the tire.

    Then it will be spring time cruising!

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