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Old Car Manual Project Website

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I feel fortunate that dad kept his old manuals around so that when I started working on my Jeep (and this was pre-internet), I had a some good resources at hand to help me puzzle through problems.  Specifically, he had a 1969 Chilton that seems to contain information about engines and transmissions related to every automobile made that year (and if not everyone, at least most).

Even in the post-internet age with Google at our fingertips (I actually keep my laptop on a special shelf that I’ve used many times while working on things in the garage), sometimes finding old information can be difficult (like the proper firing order for a 231 buick V6).  It’s these type of searches where an old manual is a godsend (and which I turned to so I could finally figure out the firing order).

All this comes to mind as Mark forwarded me a link to the OldCarManualProject Website.  There is a ton of information here, though sometimes it takes some digging to find it.  It is particularly full of Chevy Manuals.  For example, here is the complete service manual for all 1938 Chevrolet Passenger Cars and Trucks.  So, if you love or own older vehicles, this is worth some surfing (though I didn’t see many Jeep specific manuals).


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