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Gerald’s First Jeep — a $60 Commando

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A reader had mentioned at some point about a modification that involved replacing the front clip of a Commando with a CJ-5 front clip.  I asked for pictures and Gerald produced some from the first jeep he owned.  I really like the looks of the CJ-5 front clip on it.

He writes, “Since you are talking Jeepsters, this was my first ride.  I bought it for   60 bucks in October of 1979.  That means it was only 11 years old; yet look how rough it was.  Compare that to a 99 vehicle today.  Vehicles have certainly improved.  Anyway,  I though I was the shit at 14 with my own jeep.”

We got her going with another axle, tiger hair and spray can red from K-Mart. Dad would take it to the trail and then I could drive.

Then at 18 came the lift, new body panels and paint.  I had to knock the corners off the grille and put a CJ-5 Hood on it.


2 Comments on “Gerald’s First Jeep — a $60 Commando

  1. Bob

    I think it might have been me…I’ve heard that called the “Colorado” Conversion due to the kind of ugly front end on a commando. I’ve also seen people put commando front ends onto scramblers and such.

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