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2 1946 CJ-2As Butte, MT **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1600

“I have two (2) Jeep CJ 2A’s for sale. Here’s the story: I saved one (no title) from the shredder that had a complete chassis but the body had been ruined beyond repair, so I cut it off. I got that chassis running until I could find a body for it – which I found in the form of a complete Jeep that had the motor out and was missing the transmission. I thus dropped the running motor/tranny/transfer case from the chassis into the more complete Jeep.

So what you get is a 1946 CJ-2A (Montana titled) that runs and I have driven around the block, but no further. Why? Basically because I have done nothing to the brakes and don’t have a radiator (but I know a man who has). The Jeep just has a crude hotwiring system to make the motor run. You will have to attend to the brakes, lights, gauges (missing), greasing stuff up, etc. I can demonstrate that the motor is good and that the Jeep runs and drives and that 4wd works, but it will of course require some more work to make it ready to use for fun. It is missing its tailgate, but there is a bent one that you get that is green and could be straightened out to work. I am trying to get the house/garage where the Jeeps are rented and need to sell them.

On the plus side, the orange Jeep has a nice solid body, complete windshield, gas tank, decent paint (orange), tow bar (1 7/8 in ball) and is generally very clean.

You also will get:

– a complete metal half-cab with doors
– an extra motor and exhaust system
– an extra transfer case and complete clutch
– two sets of wheels, one with good newer radial tires and one with older bias ply’s
– an extra chassis with axels
– extra grill/bent but usable hood and tailgate/bent but repairable gas tank/brake hardware/misc

This shouldn’t be a difficult project, and for example with the brakes, between the two Jeeps you should be able to make up one good set of every part (shoes/drums/etc). If you wanted to sell the extra parts off or make a second complete Jeep you could essentially get one for almost free.”


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