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I’m sorry to say that I experienced a death recently, a close friend with whom I have shared close calls and turbulent times.  While my friend was there most times, there were times that this friend was nowhere to be found.  For this reason, I don’t wholly miss my friend.  In fact, though I buried my friend, rather than entombing my friend 6ft under ground, my friend is entombed in my computer bag.

Yes, my Samsung Instinct died; Or more accurately, I put him to death.  He was behaving badly over the last week, so I punished his disloyalty by purchasing a new phone with a new provider — a Samsung Captivate with the Andriod OS with AT&T. So, though my old friend is gone and buried, he is not missed … not in the slightest.

With my new phone, I can now text again, dial phone numbers, surf the web and even download APPS.  Oh happy days!

Since I am now back in the age of modern phones, I felt it was time to implement a ‘mobile edition’ of eWillys.  For now, it is simply a mobile browser addition, meaning it is a little friendlier for the phone — at least it is on my android phone.

Let me know if it works or doesn’t work.  You can always turn it off by scrolling all the way down and clicking on “turn mobile off”.  Once you turn it off, you can view the regular site.  To reinstate the mobile view, you’ll need to clear the cookies in your mobile phone browser.


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