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More SAS Photos

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I found these SAS photos while searching for something else today.  You can see several SAS related posts here.

On these first two pics, note the strange louvres on the grilles.  I don’t remember these from other pics.  You can see the first photo at this site.

Here is a german website showing SAS Jeeps in Europe.  There are a few more photos there, too.

From another page at the same site comes these two photos. More photos here also.

From the WW2 Airsoft Website come these two photos.  There are a few more there, too.

And this image from Belgium comes from this site which has duplicates of images above and more.


5 Comments on “More SAS Photos

  1. Paul

    The Jeep pictures where most of the grille bars have been cut out remind me of a grinning hockey player. I do like the round glass windshield modification, I just don’t think I’ll try it on my Willys.

  2. Kevin

    mmmm… I played hockey for 23 years and I had a Dentist…regarding the pic’s – they don’t make ’em that way anymore…stronger than steel, dependable, go thru hell and back, squeeze the life out of the enemy by looking him directly into his eyes, his life or yours…and I’m talking about the men and women that served in WWII and the jeep.

  3. deilers

    That is what I liked about these pics. Most show the European theater, though I couldn’t resist the one with the guys at rest in Tunisia.

    You know, I’m wondering if the louvered jeep is the same one in both pics. On the upper pics, the guy leaning on the jeep appears to be the same as the guy riding in the passenger seat on the lower pic. Kind of cool find to see the same jeep after it has been beaten up a bit.

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