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Puffer Engineering

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You can easily turn your CJ-2A into a Wagon!  Just follow the easy turn-my-cj2a-into-a-station-wagon-kit from Puffer Engineering. I spotted this image via a British site that linked me to Strangely, when I go to’s jeep area, I can’t locate the image.  The web works in mysterious ways!

I tried to learn more about the manufacturer, but searches on ‘Puffer Engineering’ revealed nothing, to me anyway, other than this image.


5 Comments on “Puffer Engineering

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    David, do you recall ever seeing one of these? I suppose if you did it would easily be mistaken for a homemade top.

  2. David Eilers

    Exactly… I would have assumed it was home made. Over the last few thousand posts, I have ‘tagged’ flatties with interesting hard tops, so it might not be a herculean effort to review those posts.

  3. Buck

    If in fact the Fox Building housed this company it would be located on Woodward Ave, which at the time was also known on MDOT roadmaps as M-1. Perhaps that’s what they meant by Detroit 1.

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