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Spring Willys Reunion Update

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Bob’s been busy with his camera this morning on what appears to be a beautiful Saturday in Mason.  He reports that fun was had at a local Mongolian BBQ last night, keeping some of the folks busy until late.

See all the photos here.   There seems to be a little something for everyone.


5 Comments on “Spring Willys Reunion Update

  1. Shep

    That CJ5 appears to have fallen victim to the infamous ‘input shaft felt seal leak’ that was so common the T-90s

    Edit: Also, that’s a pretty cool Jeep Wrangler in the background of the blue Jeepster, I beleive being a JK it’s a little new to be a Willys Edition package as on the TJs, but still cool how it was done up

  2. Christophe

    Nice picts! I have seen an rough CJ2A VEC green I would like to know if this jeep are for sell?

  3. Bob

    Shep, yes, that was the new Wrangler “Willys” editon, maybe a dealer thing?
    Christophe, unless it has a sign on it that says “For Sale” I’d venture to say they are not for sale. Many of these guys bring newly acquired projects with them, this is one of them.

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