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Still Getting Organized . . .

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I guess the pic says it all.  Biscuit got plenty of looks as I cruised northward from Boise. I’m still catching up on both emails and postings and it will probably still take a couple of days to get back into the swing of things.


6 Comments on “Still Getting Organized . . .

  1. Randy

    Well, at least you had good weather during your move.
    People were probably feeling a little bit sorry for you being stuck in a moving van when you should have been out enjoying the sun in your Jeep.
    Good luck in Seattle.

  2. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Good luck, David. Hope everything works out for you. (Goodbye corn, hellooo precipitation!)

  3. Dan

    Good to have you back in the state. There are some good guys over there who enjoy Jeeping Look me up when you come over to the dry side.

  4. Gerald

    Dave, did you sell anything on Craigslist before you moved?

    The Jeep looks good on the trailer.

    Still sporting the Desert Dogs I see.

    If you live on the coast will you have to get a top?

    Later on.

  5. David Eilers

    Thanks for the warm wishes all …

    Randy and Steve: The weather over here has been absolutely beautiful. I have had the jeep out several times with the boys just cruising the ghost riddled streets of my youth.

    Dan: Thanks. I’ll give you a holler when I’m over there.

    Kevin: I heard you all were coming, that’s why I thought i’d better leave before you rabble rousers found me.

    Gerald: I sold a bunch of things on Craigslist and still had a van full! Yes, I’m still sporting the Desert Dogs. My sister snagged some a set of good road tires, so I’ll be mounting those soon. Well, since the body is fiberglass, water in the jeep isn’t as big of deal. I spent a year without a top on my first jeep. I have a couple priorities before I get a top, specifically I have to bore the cylinders, because either they are warped or my pistons are warped. Either way, I’m burning oil.

    – Dave

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