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More Updates Tomorrow (Tuesday)

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After a day down at the Seattle Waterfront, I’m turning in early.  However, Roberto forwarded some videos that ought to keep everyone busy until tomorrow’s updates.  So, check out the next two posts.

Mitch dropped by my parents’ house tonight to have me sign his book and to chit chat.  He told me he isn’t a big reader, but he sat down and read the book in only three sittings.  He loved it, which was great to hear, and has a waiting line of people who want to read it.  I mentioned that I was thinking about getting a booth at the Moonshiner’s Swapmeet in March (March 11 in Puyallup).  He suggested that someone might have an indoor booth they’d like to split or share with me.  I figured that was a good idea, so if anyone has a booth at that main hall and wants to split or have me stay there and sign/sell books, let me know.  For those that don’t know, the book has some PNW history, racing history, a few jeep trips and more in the book (though it is much more than just about jeeps).

In the meantime, here is Ann and I enjoying the beautiful scenery today (57 degrees and sunny!)




4 Comments on “More Updates Tomorrow (Tuesday)

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    David, I hope I’m not out of line by saying this, but I think you 2 are a very attractive couple in that picture.

  2. Grant

    Well I’ve been putting buying your book but only becuz of money other wise would have been one the first, anyway fbill over on the 2a page put the word out so maybe you will git some buyers now and I said the heck with it that’s what cc’s are for so on my way to git one have a great day Grant

  3. Marty Tilford

    I would like to get a book. If you got a spot at the swap meet that would be great and I would be able to get one there. I would imagine that someone on here would be willing to share a spot with you. Keep us all updated!!!

  4. deilers

    Thanks Marty: I will do my best to get there and I am also hoping to get down to Phoenix the following month for the FC Roundup. I will keep everyone updated.

    Grant: Thanks for the book purchase. If you enjoy it, be shameless in your enthusiasm for it and tell others!

    Steve: You aren’t out of line at all. She does make me look good, doesn’t she 🙂

    – Dave

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