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Jeff’s Jeeps

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Jeff has been a reader for a couple years.  Recently he shared some images of his jeeps along with his story.

“In 1970 I bought a 1943 GPW and had a lot of fun rebuilding.  After a few years I sold it and bought a 53 3b.  Living in Denver and having the  Jeeps I couldn’t wait for snow just to try out the 4 wheel drive.  I sold the 53 CJ-3B in 1992 and I always regretted selling it.  I bought the green 46 in 2004. but I really wanted another 3b so I bought one out of Wyoming that was disassembled in a field.

That is the turquoise 3b in the picture. Of course I had to buy a trailer to haul the 3b back to Denver.   I saw a add in craigslist for an original 57 3b so when I went to look,  it wasn’t 100% original but close, so I bought it as well.  The blue 2a I sent you picture of I got after a friend told me he knew a guy with an old jeep. So, thats how I ended up with that one.   I wanted disc brakes and gear reduction starter and electronic ignition. These parts added to the fun building the blue 46, It starts easy and stops great!”


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