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Buz forwarded a couple different images the other day.

This one is from the Los Angeles Times (pic #8) and shows a jeep among the auto train towards the internment camps in 1942.  The caption to this picture indicates the trucks were stopped in the Mojave Desert on the way to the Manzanar Camp.

Driving this jeep is Earle Stanley Gardner, who was the writer of 80 Perry Mason Novels.  Learn more about him here in this biography written by Jeff Marks.


4 Comments on “Old Images

  1. Colin

    I notice that Earle Stanley Gardner’s Jeep appears to be a 1948 “Lefty”, with the spare tire mounted on the left side, but the top bow brackets are on the left as well. However, the “leftys” I have seen have the top bow brackets mounted on the passenger side? Was this a modification made by Mr. Gardner, since he has that big aux gas tank mounted in the rear of the Jeep?

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    My assumption was that this was a modification rather than a “lefty”. It is also possible that he had dual spare tires, one on each side.

  3. Buz

    I hadn’t even noticed the left side spare, maybe he kept hitting trees with the RH mount like I have done with my CJ3A, at least with it on the left you can see it better on some of those narrow trails. Now I have to repair the RR corner of my Jeep because of that stupid spare tire.

  4. Colin

    I think that is a common repair to any of those old Jeeps that actually got used in timber or rock country. Had to repair that corner on my CJ3A, too.

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