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2012 FC Roundup Report

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I wanted to extend our thanks to everyone who made our visit at this year’s Roundup memorable and fun.  And a special thanks to Jesse for inviting me to attend, despite the lack of my own FC.  Also, I really appreciated everyone who told me how much they enjoyed reading this website.  Your feedback makes my efforts worthwhile!

On Saturday I was able to win a raffle price, 2 headlight gaskets (courtesy of Roy).  After winning them,  I announced my grand plan to build an FC around the gaskets.  Yes, we’ll build from the front of the FC (fc-150? fc-170? something else) to its rear.  I expect this is going to be a slooowwww project.

I even found the perfect FC project in Tucson as we drove out of town on Sunday morning; well, drove is a stretch.  More like, plodded along due to an overturned semi in Black Canyon whose delivery of vegetables will likely be delayed (though the local rabbits should have some good forage for a while).  Unfortunately, Tucson was in the opposite direction from where we were going and I suspect this incredible deal will be gone by the time I could ever make it back down there.

1961 FC-170 $450: (SOLD quickly after I posted it; it was in Tucson).  Check out the early hubs on this, too.

So, until our FC is complete, I will just have to enjoy looking at and riding in other people’s FCs. Here’s some random pictures from the event.  Thanks again to everyone and I look forward to the FC Get Together in Washington.  If you don’t have an FC, find one and join the fun next year!


7 Comments on “2012 FC Roundup Report

  1. Glennstin

    Dave, It was such a pleasure to meet with you and Ann at the FC Roundup in Phoenix. That made it a long distance event, Maine to Washington. Seeing three Fleet Vans, who knows how many 4 Door FC’s, stock or modified FC’s, and the Willys stories flying around made this a meet to remember. Jesse sure out did himself this time. My Willys Junkyard has two FC’s to help your build, free picking before the iron thieves get it. Really enjoying your book, “Finding Virginia”. Hope other readers will join in. Keeping this site up for us Willys Nuts is precious. Thank you.

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