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Tuxedo Park Mark IV Package for CJ-5 Questions

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A reader had a few specific questions about the Tuxedo Park Mark IV Page related to a jeep he’s considering buying, but needs to know the following:

1. The CJ-5 is missing the chrome rear bumper.  Was the rear bumper also used on any other models? How hard is it to find a replacement.

2. The column shift assembly is missing and it is the stock three speed.  Where these the same ones used on the DJ or Surrey or any other models?

3.  Did all Mark IV Pages have a V6 and the Emblem on the side as shown below (from the early CJ-5 Page)?

If anyone has the answers offhand, that would be great.


9 Comments on “Tuxedo Park Mark IV Package for CJ-5 Questions

  1. Bill


    I’m currently working on a parkaway green ’65 Tux 4-cyl. Total restoration. You can see my pics at if you are interested.

    1. I believe the rear bumper is the same as the front bumper which should be the same as the bumper used on other vehicles. They are out there.

    2. The column shifter parts may be hard to find…. maybe someone else can say what else used the same setup.

    3. Early Tuxedo Park Mk IV ‘s were 4-cyl until sometime in ’65 when the V6 came out. Most ’66 seem to be V6, but I’m sure 4’s exist. All V6’s should have the emblems on the sides. The VIN# is different for each motor. The VIN# is also specific to the Tux package.

    One item that is near impossible to find is the chrome rear license plate holder. (If anyone has one, I am a buyer.)

    One item to consider when restoring a Tux…. all the chrome stuff is expensive to restore, the seats/covers, emblems, top colors, etc are all specific and it drives the cost up pretty high. The dual rate grooved springs are not reproduced…. I hope you have good ones to re-use.

    I was lucky with my Jeep as it was pretty complete and had only 35k miles. The fact that it sat in a field for many years makes the body a mess, but I have it coming along quite well already with the help of a good friend who is an experienced restorer. My motor, trans/case, axles, frame, area all done… I am waiting for custom made springs to begin putting it all back together. Check out my FB page for pics (under “current project”)

    Good luck,

  2. Dave

    Some Commandos had chrome bumpers that are similar, if not the same. I’ve seen other 5’s with chrome front bumpers that were not Tuxedo Parks. They were later models, though. Early 70’s or, intermediate cjs, as we call them. Some Tuxedos were floor shift models. In fact, I think the V6 models were floor shift and the 4s were column shift but, I am not certain. My 66 is a V6 and floor shift.

  3. deilers

    Dave … is yours the four speed? My research at the Early CJ5 forum noted that Tuxedos with four speeds came stock with a floor shifter. I’m not sure what the four speed was though …

  4. Bill


    I believe 4-speed tranny was 4-cyl option only. At least the brochure I have says so


  5. Mike

    I am looking at a 67 Tux Park with a three speed floor shift and I’m trying to find out if it is original. It is a four cylinder. I also was wondering if the gold painted “Jeep” logo stamped on the side and the “4 wheel drive” logo stenciled on the tail gate is the correct color. Early CJ5 says they were either black or white.

  6. Bill


    I never saw gold painted lettering on a Tux. What color is the body? (By ’67 I think blue, white, red, ?? were still available.) Also, does the Jeep have the original seats and are they buckets or a 60/40 bench? I’m thinking a 4-cyl Tux with the optional floor shift would have the buckets.

    Good luck with your purchase!


  7. Steve E.

    Bill, I’m picking up a Tuxedo Park CJ-6 soon. I don’t see any proof except for the emblem holes in the hood. No chrome bumpers, etc. What does the VIN plate say that specifies a Tuxedo Park?

    Dave, a four speed would always be on the floor. Jeep only offered a T-98 four speed from ’55 to ’70 until they offered a T-18 in ’71. I’ve seen very few T-98’s in Willys and Kaiser CJ-5’s in my lifetime.

    I will guess that Tuxedo Park bumpers would be the same width as a ’67 and up Jeepster series. I’m not sure about the mounting bolts.

    **Steve E.**

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