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Jeepster Assembly Line with CJ-2A in the Background on eBay

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I thought these were a neat photos of the Jeepster assembly line with a CJ-2A in the background.

View the information on eBay

View the information on eBay


6 Comments on “Jeepster Assembly Line with CJ-2A in the Background on eBay

  1. Steve E.

    I’m elated to see the original pinstriping on the wheels. I’ve seen a few wheels with the original pinstriping, and it’s pretty interesting that they went to such detail 65 years ago. I powder coated my wheels a few years ago. One of these days I’ll pinstripe the red wheels the same color as the body (Fiesta Yellow.)

  2. Justin

    Those are some interesting wheels and tires on that 2A. I don’t know much about tires available at the time but those seem pretty wide.

  3. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Can anybody make out what’s on the left side of the tailgate on that jeep? Is that a sign?

  4. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Now I see it, they mounted the license plate on the tailgate. Maybe it doesn’t have a rear bumper.

  5. mmdeilers Post author

    Justin: I thought the wide tires were unusual for the time period, too.

    Steve: I don’t see a PTO bar off the back. Are there bumperettes on the back?

  6. Gerald

    Good catch, I am diggin on the rims as well.

    I don’t think they are 16’s. Almost look like smooth sand tires.

    Actually Willys went down to 9.00 13. as an option.

    Could be them.

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