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Bill’s Fine Sunday

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Bill from Lime Street Carriage Works was enjoying himself today, lining up some jeeps and photographing them.  You’ll note the FC-170 he scored recently.


3 Comments on “Bill’s Fine Sunday

  1. Bill

    Thanks, Dave!

    Yeah, that FC really wishes it had an engine! (somebody disassembled it)

    btw, we drive them too…. I think we did almost 100 miles today. We hit some trails, went swimming in a fantastic waterfall, endured a few miles of very dusty road, and went 4-wheeling on every trail we could find!

    See the pics in this album:

    The reason (excuse) for a fun day of Jeeping was to break in our friend Jim’s brand new ’46 CJ-2A. Jim bought this Jeep in 1971 when he was a senior in high school…. he drove it for a few years, then put it away for a later day. In 1999 he began his 12 YEAR restoration, and this thing is unbelievable. He made it so nice that we decided to take it out and make him get it dirty on it’s maiden voyage!

    Jim’s 2A is 6 serial #’s away from my barn-find 2A (Normandy Blue Jeep in this album)…. so it’s really cool to see them together. They had to roll off the assembly line just seconds from each other.

    Here is the pic of Jim in his new (now dirty) ’46 CJ-2A:



  2. Windyhill

    Bill I’ll have to do some vintage wheeling with you guys one of these days! Looks like way to much fun!

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