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Sunday evening we’ll be traveling to Burlington, VT. From there we’ll be going through the NY Mountains to reach Oswego, NY, monday night. Why Oswego? I am hoping to find out more about the two women who did the around-the-world tour in an FC. They were teachers at the University there.

Tuesday night we’ll land in the Buffalo/North Tonawanda area. If I can get a good price, we’ll stay there a week. We’ll be preparing for the Bantam Festival and our trip home.


Leaving (A) Hollis Center, ME, in the afternoon. Arrive at (B) Burlington, VT, Sunday evening. Arrive at (C) Oswego, NY, Monday Evening. Arrive at (D) Buffalo, NY, Tuesday evening.


6 Comments on “Next Stops

  1. steve

    welcome to west new york. if you go to the waterfront, there is a ship there, the little rock. jeep jamboree founder mark smith was on her when he was in the service. i’ve told him that i’m taking care of it for him.

  2. Steve E.

    I’ve been on a road trip for five days, and I’m spent. I can’t believe you’re still going, Dave, after weeks and weeks. You’re incredible. And you still have a lot of places to visit, and people to meet.

    It’s a good thing you have Ann to plan your events and to keep you organized. (lol)

    **Steve E.**

  3. Bill Shaw

    I guess us eastern PA folks wish you could have attended the Great Willys Picnic. I can’t make it this year either – moving it to a Saturday would help scheduling – they should think about that. I have the Bantam Festival on my someday to-do list – maybe next year.

  4. arie

    if you decide to just not blow right by rochester i have quite the collection of Jeeps.. many found from your site…

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