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Marc’s 1/2-Size CJ-2A

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Marc’s from South Africa and forwarded a link to the latest photos of his 1/2-Size CJ-2A project. As you can see, he does some beautiful work. He hopes at some point to tackle a full-size jeep, but for several reasons he’s starting with this project.

You can view all the photos here:

Marc writes, “A quick history. I started the drawings last December to make this, spent months, give or take 6 just doing research for all the related stuff. All the drawings were done the old fashioned way on a drawing board with pencil and set squares. Umpteen trips to a local CJ-2A to measure up. Also got info from all the various jeep sites but I met some if not very harsh or if I may use the word unwelcome altitudes (attitudes) with regard to help for dimensions or tech info to make this from scratch.


Almost all of the structure will be constructed from 0.6 mm cold rolled mild steel, welded where required but most of the assembly will be using airplane fasteners for the ease of assembly thus eliminating the use of any facilities other than my workshop at home. Everything made thus far has been built here at home with forming tools, blocks, press tolls, tuck shrinking and good old fashioned sheet metal work (I am a airplane structures engineer/technician by trade). All joints are primed and wet assembled to eliminate corrosion/rust.


The chassis/frame I have drawn up but will only start once the body/tub has been completed. Wheels will be either 8-inch or 10-inch, I would prefer 8-inch though. As for the power plant a 13Hp Briggs & Stratton will do just fine. All the rest as when I get to them as well.

I painted some internal parts (top hat sections in the tub attached to wheel well) before assembly yesterday in a colour, which is a local colour from the 80″s made by Plascon Paints called Karoo (which is similar to British BS 381 dessert camouflage sand x 2 off & FS 20313, for  “Jam” (her name, Jarred and Marc). Trying to get Harvest Tan here in South Africa or a sample to mix to here  is near impossible, I would have liked Harvest Tan but looking at historical images and current restorations there is no real “this is what it should be”. But the colour as I now call it ‘dessert pink’ looks good.I will take some pics of the ‘dessert pink’ in natural light and artificial light today or tomorrow. Opinions will certainly vary on this one.

Also I have drawn up the plans for a 1/2 scale Bantam trailer to go with this.

1/2 or full size the memory and history behind this great (if I may say) little vehicle must be kept alive for all to enjoy.”

marc-half-cj3 marc-half-cj4


9 Comments on “Marc’s 1/2-Size CJ-2A

  1. Steve E.

    This is a cool project! He’s smart to build a smaller version before he tackles a full sized vehicle.
    There was a half sized military Jeep at the Antique Truck Historical Society National Meet in Yakima, WA, in May 2013. It was very neat to see the builder driving around on it. I plan to submit photos of the “Jeeps of the ATHS National Meet” when I get some time. I will include the half sized Jeep.

    **Steve E.**

  2. Alaska Paul

    Marc, with your superb metal working skills there’s no doubt in my mind that you could scratch build a full size Jeep. Call it a CJ 2A Marc One! Thanks for letting us see more of your fantastic project.


    Hi All

    Thanks for posting Dave and thanks hugh, Steve, Alaska Paul for the kind words.

    note: The 1/2 dog is known as DeeDee (aka Dessert Dog, not as in tires though), chased
    airplanes as a pup in Mafikeng and loves anything with wheels to ride on.

  4. Keith

    I Think The Willys Overland Motors Website Has The Recipe (Correct Word Is Escaping Me) For All The Original Colors. Check Them Out.

  5. Pieter Engelbrecht

    Hi I am from South Africa Polokwane also busy with a half size jeep would like to get in contact with Marc’s

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