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Transporting Jeeps via Plane

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The August 03, 1942, issue of Life Magazine has an article about Transport Planes. The article includes photos of some GPWs. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to be wedged in there next to the jeep during a bumpy flight!

You can see the entire article at Google Books

There is a copy of this issue on eBay as well.

1942-08-03-transport-planes-gpw1 1942-08-03-transport-planes-gpw2


6 Comments on “Transporting Jeeps via Plane

  1. Mark b

    That c-46 has the same paint job as a plane here in Monroe,nc. The one here is called “Tinker Bell” it’s taking part in a Veterans Day event this weekend. I wonder if it’s the same plane?

    Oh, and happy Veterans Day to all the veterans out there! Really, appreciate you guys and gals!

  2. Bruce Golder

    Looks pretty tight inside that fuselage. Wonder how they turned the Jeep once they got it to the top of the ramp.

  3. Mark b

    Blaine, I don’t know about the number but that strange wavey paint line between the dark top and light bottom is exactly the same. I know paint changes over the years but the one here also has the same patch panel between the 2nd and 3rd windows. Maybe they all had that.

    It was such a modern looking plane for the time. I really like it.

  4. Colin Peabody

    With all the grab handles on the old Jeeps, maybe they had the GIs simply pick it up and move it into position.

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