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Anyone Recognize this Camper / Canopy?

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We are hoping someone recognizes the type of camper on this Willys Truck. It looks like it was built for Willys trucks it fits so well. Below the color photos are a couple of black and white photos showing a similar but slightly different example.

camper-canopy-truck1 camper-canopy-truck2 camper-canopy-truck3


camper-canopy-truck6 camper-canopy-truck7 camper-canopy-truck8 camper-canopy-truck9


These were part of a series of photos at What’s interesting is that the trailers windows look identical in style to the canopy below. Maybe they were built by the same company?

camper-canopy-1950s-fourwheeler1 camper-canopy-1950s-fourwheeler2


Benita shared a photo of the camper shell that came with their new FC project. It is similar to the other two.



Another camping shell similar to the first. No manufacture mentioned. 

camper-chevy-truck1 camper-chevy-truck2


22 Comments on “Anyone Recognize this Camper / Canopy?

  1. Bob Lane

    I saw one of this style camper on a willys jeep pickup in a bone yard in Moundhouse, Nevada, a the name platen the camper said it was made in Reno, Nevada. I can’t remember the name of the company its been a while back, but will try to get back to the yard and fine out.

  2. Randy

    There used to be a place in Reno that made campers like that, as Bob mentioned…..I can’t remember the name of the place but I could show you where it used to be…

  3. Lew

    Those windows were commonly used on trailers and campers of that vintage. Look at the trailer behind in the B&W. The construction is pretty simple and would not be difficult to duplicate. Finding a large window for the rear looks the most challenging.

  4. scramboleer

    I sent Caravan Campers this link and got this very kind response:

    “Hello, we haven’t made any of those as long as I have been here (37 years) we do have some measurements in our archives so I am sure Caravan made some back in the day. We would be willing to build a new shell but would need to physically see and measure that truck to do so.
    All of the shells in those pictures are Pullman campers, I don’t know if they are still around.

    Thank you”

    So, who are Pullman Campers?

  5. mmdeilers Post author

    I agree the shells look a lot like the Pullmans, except they don’t have the sliding roof. Maybe the Pullman is an alteration of a previous design or company?

  6. Dennis

    I have that camping on my truck I live in Massachusetts ..I picked it up and Colorado it is Puff selling the truck and camper anybody’s interested can send pictures

  7. Dennis

    I actually have the whole truck and camper setup for sale the one in the picture the frame is Puff I will send pictures

  8. Dennis

    I actually have the whole truck and camper setup for sale the one in the picture the frame is Puff I will send pictures it’s 1953 5 windows truck chevy 3600 with rare camper

  9. David Eilers

    Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for the note. So the maker of the hardtop is Puff or the model type is Puff?

    – Dave

  10. Brian Field

    I met an old man about 20 years ago in Klamath falls Oregon. He was in his 90’s and I learned he built a line of custom canapys for light trucks. I wish I remembered his name and had got some literature about the ones he had built. they were awesome and I wanted one. the one pictured looks like his work.

  11. David Eilers

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for that information and lead. Hopefully, we can determine if the man you remember was the builder of these.

    – Dave

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