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Sunday April 19 — Resting and Recovery

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I stuck to the bed on Sunday. I’m not terribly sick by any means, just semi-tortured by a continuous cough that won’t let me sleep or talk much without coughing. Hopefully with a day of rest, we’ll be ready to go by Tuesday.

On the positive side, I’ve had time to read a couple books. I’m particularly enjoying a book called Great Stagecoach Robberies of the Old West. As the title indicates, it is a history of major stagecoach robberies!


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One comment on “Sunday April 19 — Resting and Recovery

  1. radar

    I had a similar thing a month or so back. Coughed for almost 2 weeks Then it turned into a standard cold and coughing slowed as cold got worse but was all over a week after the cold appeared. Hoping this one is easier. Spring has finely arrived here in the north east (Maine , Poland Springs).Last of the snow here just cleared over the weekend. been nuts up here this year. Colder than I can remember around here, Lots of snow Any way, Hang in there, am headed for FL for a while next week . Over do !
    mark j.

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