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Another Update From Paul

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If I ever step into Paul’s jeep, I’m going to bring some surgical scrub footies.

Paul wrote, I felt the gray marine carpet in the footwells was too dark so I installed some stainless steel scuff plates on top of the carpet. I put a brushed finish on the stainless plates before I screwed them to the carpet and I’m happy with the results. The carpet is still visible, the stainless makes the footwell area brighter and I think the cutout design goes well with the Willys.

Just another crazy thing I never imagined I’d want for this Willys rebuild.

left-side-scuff-plates right-side-scuff-plates


Those are some clear, blue skies!


5 Comments on “Another Update From Paul

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Such craftsmanship and attention to detail… cool idea/design for the floor, too.
    You make me want to be a better jeep owner, Paul 🙂

  2. JW

    Very nice work. The detail and craftsmanship are outstanding as always. If Paul were to put his M38 up for sale, I have to wonder what price he would have to write on a stainless steel for sale sign.

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