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Rebuilt CJ-5 Camper

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UPDATE: There’s another post on the CJ-5 camper and a CJ-5 dump trailer here.

Steve shared this video of Seth’s CJ-5 Camper that’s been updated with some modern, practical touches. You can see more pics of CJ-5 campers at Jeremy’s website:

This is what it looked like prior to its rebuild:


And more pics from 2011:

And an original brochure:



14 Comments on “Rebuilt CJ-5 Camper

  1. Sam Williams

    Nice Camper, My Brother-in-Law, Chuck Prater designed and held the Patent on the CJ5 Campers. He received royalties from Kaiser for each one built & sold. I currently have one that he built for a CJ7.

  2. Lew

    Sam maybe you could post some pictures via Dave. We dont see pictures of these very often.

  3. Bill

    Ok. How’d they turn them? Looks to me they’d have to drag those camper dolly wheels sideways. Probably why you didn’t see many. Also going though a ditch the camper wiould either lift the rear drive wheels free of the ground or lift the camper from it’s mounting. If the answer is you wouldn’t drive there, the reason for a jeep is rough terrain driving

  4. Sam Williams

    I understand that the Jeep equipped camper was fairly maneuverable, I remember seeing pictures that Chuck had where he was driving the camper equipped Jeep CJ5 across ditches. The part of the Camper that was actually patented was the hitch and it allowed some degree of articulation.

  5. Ted

    Killer rig Seth ,I Love it . Nice job with stretching it a bit and still keeping it kinda original . Im sure it tows right along nice with the diesel and even can get into some tight spots. I always loved the fact you could unhook and hit the trails.

  6. Scottie Ward

    Hello Seth,
    You have a Great looking rig. I have a 54 CJ3B with some neat accessories, but not as cool as yours. I really like the work you have done to it. Just curious where you found it? I live in OK and aren’t many old Willys or jeeps of any kind here.
    I’m providing my contact information. Would like to communicate with you when you have some time.

  7. Bill

    Sam Williams, the pictures I’ve seen of these rigs it appears there is no room to articulate turning and the hitch system appears no movement solid. I’d love to see one in the flesh (tin). If anyone has more information post it

  8. Jeremy

    My website has a lot of pictures (including some of Seth’s, which is by far the best looking CJ5 camper in existence)

  9. Keith Fuller

    Hey Jeremy, I just purchased the #7 camper on your website in Casa Grande on 5/09/16 and brought it to Texas for a rebuild. Do you have any other info on this rig? Here is my email info. Thanks, Keith

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