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Rusty’s New Carb

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it still needs a rebuild. It’s a Carter O-1538.

2016-10-07-carter-carb1 2016-10-07-carter-carb2 2016-10-07-carter-carb3 2016-10-07-carter-carb4 2016-10-07-carter-carb5 2016-10-07-carter-carb6


2 Comments on “Rusty’s New Carb

  1. Charles Tate

    Kept looking at this carb and to me it looks really nice and a excellent example of a carb that can be easily rebuilt.

    One point of confusion. I’ve never heard of a carter yf carb number 01538. Are you sure that’s not a casting number on the body of the carb somewhere???

    The 2392SA on the flange if this carb as seen in the third photo clearly indicates that this is indeed a Carter YF 2392SA which is exactly a correct carb for a later model DJ3A but will work with all DJ models.

    Earlier model DJ’s likely had a YF 2392S and a few years later upgrades that carb to SA. The addition of that letter A would have indicated a very slight upgrade to something minor within the S carb.

    Reliable sources that I have indicate that this upgrade from S to SA could have indicated the change from a air bypass check ball to a air bypass check needle.

    I don’t think this change would have affected performance at all but in my opinion might have made it a little bit easier to assemble.


  2. David Eilers Post author

    I called it a 01538 because that was one of the numbers cast on the side and I think that was how the carb seller referred to it. The seller did indicate it was an ideal carb for the, so I just called it what they did. Now I see the 2392SA. 🙂

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