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1942 SAS GPW Salt Lake City, UT **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD**. If you are interested in building a similar vehicle, Loic is happy to answer questions. 

“1942 GPW Ford Jeep
Fully restored in 2010, including a full rebuild of the engine. Engine and frame do not have matching serial#, but engine is Ford as well.

Upgrades to SAS 1942 in North Africa as converted by the British Army
– .50 cal M2AC, functional with 12V battery and propylene/Oxygen tanks included. This upgrade was about $5,000 at cost
– One dual and one single replica (resin with metal insert) Vickers K MG
– RARE Bagnol Compass functional replica, sourced in Australia. Worth over $1,000
– SAS uniform, including Wesley hand fun (not functional) and knife
– various British additions – water bottles, back packs, and a number of other hardware
– 5 water Jerry cans, 8 gas jerry cans, one original German WW 2
– All wheels are “combat wheels”. Extra spare wheel
– Has participated in many 4th of July Parades and shows
VERY IMPORTANT: 12V generator and 12V battery system. The original WW II 6V generator will be provided as well. It is functional, but the 12V system starts the vehicle much easier.

1942-gpw-slc-9 1942-gpw-slc-10 1942-gpw-slc-11 1942-gpw-slc-12

1942-gpw-slc-13 1942-gpw-slc-14 1942-gpw-slc-15 1942-gpw-slc-16 1942-gpw-slc-17 1942-gpw-slc-18 1942-gpw-slc-19 1942-gpw-slc-20


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