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Having a Blast

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Just a few updates for today ….

Friday was another day of blasting. And, with Ann’s help, there was plenty of scraping, too. This photo describes my day:


But, all that work wasn’t for naught. See the much cleaner steering box:


ross-steering-box-rusty-cleanAnd, some of the blasted parts … clutch linkages, pedal levers, column shift parts, and more:
more-blasting-done2 more-blasting-done1

This clutch linkage had lots of wear! It would have failed soon.shaft-wear

Ann spent time cleaning off the transmission. While cleaning, she discovered a home for wayward mice had been built in the bell housing. So, that will have to come apart as well.


On Saturday, we’ll pull the engine and begin blasting the frame.


6 Comments on “Having a Blast

  1. Bob in nc

    As oldtime on the cj3b page always says “get intimint” with your Jeep.

    I Would say you and Rusty are getting to know each other some.

    Bob in nc

  2. Joe in Mesa

    Wow… I guess I didn’t realize how complete you had planned to tear down and rework (restore?) Rusty for the epic Alaskan road trip! Your ambition and progress is putting me to shame 😉

    I keep doing a double-take on the transmission pic: “where’s the transaxle” and “where’s the stick” come immediately to mind, never having taken apart a 2WD column shift Jeep 🙂

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Bob: Yes we are!

    Colin: I pay dearly for those services!

    Joe: It wasn’t the plan, but the blasting cabinet has made cleaning and dealing with parts so much quicker (I should have had one of these years ago) that I’ve been able to go beyond what I’d originally planned. But, mice had made multiple nests (driver’s side frame, bell housing, heater) and bees made themselves at home as well (under the dash, in the column of the column shifter).

    It’s a good lesson of, just because it should run (ran when parked) doesn’t mean it will run … I’m happy I paid no more for this!

  4. Barry West

    Looks like all elbows and…..well you know. Thank goodness for and her carving ability. Now, as we say down south, “let’s git this rat killing started”. Real progress you two!

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