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Final Days of Alaska Or Rust Still to Come


Those who have followed Ann and I on our eWillys adventures know that we do our best to provide nightly updates while traveling. I can confirm that doing those updates and keeping a group of people organized simultaneously was the most difficult thing I’ve done in years. By the time we neared Fairbanks, I was so sleep deprived I could barely write a cohesive paragraph. That’s a big reason I’ve had to delay the final two updates (trip from Beavercreek to Fairbanks and our last day in Fairbanks).

So, eWillys will be a little slow for the next couple of days. We’ll get it back on track over the next week.




5 Comments on “Final Days of Alaska Or Rust Still to Come

  1. Barry West

    No problem, we understand. Oh to be young again! Get some rest and kick back awhile. Go out for a peaceful walk into the wilderness and try to capture a photo or two of a BIGFOOT! LOL. Be careful, godspeed and thanks for the ongoing adventure!

  2. Windyhill

    SLACKER!!! Just think how hard it is for us to kick back in our recliners and log in every night! : ) Rest up Dave! Stay safe.

  3. Colin Peabody

    Get some rest Dave and Ann! We understand your need for R&R! What a great adventure!! Hope the Canadians aren’t too stuffy to let you back into their country so you can get back to the lower 48!

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