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Texaco Service Documents

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Maury shared these Texaco service documents for Universal Jeeps — presumably CJ-5s, CJ-6s, DJ-5s, and DJ-6s, as it appears to ignore DJ-3As (oh the inhumanity!). You can download both documents as high resolution Tiffs and/or JPGS, printable here:
1. Doc 1 in Tiff format (90 MB)
2. Doc 2 in Tiff format (90 MB)
3. Doc 1 in JPG format (20 MB)
4. Doc 2 in JPG format (20 MB)

1961-71-Jeep-CJ5-Tune-Up-&-Service-Specs---Texaco-Pg1-lores 1961-71-Jeep-CJ5-Tune-Up-&-Service-Specs---Texaco-Pg2-lores


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    I had these when I was a gas station mechanic , back in the day — I drove by the station the other day , its still there and THEY STILL DO MECHANICAL WORK !!! — unbelievable … PS … not TEXACO — UNION 76 ( MO BETTA )

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