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Snow Plow Setup

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Anyone know who manufactured this snow plow setup?Charles wrote me to ask,

“I purchased a CJ3A that has a double acting hydraulic valve. Engine runs Hy Lo pump that runs thru valve to power up and down and side to side. It also has a rod that runs out front of hood that you can raise and lower plow for hooking it up from outside. Seen one? Manufacturer?”



2 Comments on “Snow Plow Setup

  1. Andy Testo

    Looks a lot like the valve body off of the 6 Monarch Dyna-Might pumps I have. They’re electric over hydraulics. The ones I have are hard plumbed with a 4-6″ threaded nipple above the output of the pump. No reason someone couldn’t mount one remotely from a Hy-Lo and run a rubber line from pump output to a valve body. You can send him my e-mail if you like Dave.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Andy. I’ve sent him an email with your comment and email address.

    – Dave

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