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Rotabuggy Test Documents on eBay

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It seems a shame that these documents are released for public consumption. The price on these is quite high. It looks like the earliest tests on the theory of the Rotabuggy occurred in August of 1941, which is earlier than I would have thought.

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“1941 to 1944 – Original RAF confidential and restricted file of the most bizarre World War II invention, a “flying jeep”, which became known as “Hafner Rotabbugy”, or “Hafner Gyroplane” in honour of his chief inventor Raoul Hafner (1905-1980), Austrian born British helicopter pioneer and engineer, known for his major contributions to the aerospace industry.”



rotabuggy-docs10 rotabuggy-docs9 rotabuggy-docs8 rotabuggy-docs7 rotabuggy-docs6 rotabuggy-docs5 rotabuggy-docs4 rotabuggy-docs3 rotabuggy-docs1 rotabuggy-docs0


4 Comments on “Rotabuggy Test Documents on eBay

  1. Jeff

    Definitely seems like something fitting for a museum. Maybe we’ll get lucky and some private buyer will procure it and donate it to their local museum for display.

  2. Gliii

    Looks like an attempt to air drop vehicles. Apparently using a tow plane to get the rotor blades to spin (creating lift), once near the destination, the cable would be released & autogyro to the ground. The set up would probably have worked with the Jeep, and the empennage assembly. I don’t think there were aircraft powerful enough, at the time, to get a truck airborne. It could probably also have been used, with the Jeep, pulled by a tow vehicle, to “hop” over short distances. Like a river crossing or some such obstacle.

  3. Mike

    What surprises me is, how does a Restricted, confidential Government file such as this, get into public hands? raises the question, was it stolen? The fact that there is such a high price on a file of questionable circumstances makes me suspicious. I wouldn’t buy it at any price.
    One more point to make, being the Rotabuggy was a failed attempt and never in production, sad to say the inventor never profited from it.

  4. lew

    I do like the idea that we’re all driving a secret weapon and that we cant really talk to you about it. “Well, yes ma’am, this was sort of a 007 type weapon system here though that’s all I can say. Would you like to have a ride?”

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