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Allstate Standard Cab Manual

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Maury discovered this instruction manual hidden inside one of his Sears Jeep Parts catalogs. A very useful find!

Allstate-Jeep-Standard-Cab-Manual-1 Allstate-Jeep-Standard-Cab-Manual-2 Allstate-Jeep-Standard-Cab-Manual-3

Allstate-Jeep-Standard-Cab-Manual-4 Allstate-Jeep-Standard-Cab-Manual-5 Allstate-Jeep-Standard-Cab-Manual-6


2 Comments on “Allstate Standard Cab Manual

  1. Mike

    I have always liked the styling on the Sears, Allstate tops, rounded in the rear for extra headroom, with a gentle sloop towards the front , almost an aerodynamic design. Once again, a childhood memory going back to the early 1960’s. Back then, I remember a late 40’s CJ2A with a Allstate top that was always parked near Riskin’s Drug Store on President St. Passaic, NJ. My dad, mom, little sister and me would pile into our 1950 CJ3A on our way to pick up proscriptions, and their would be the 2A. If I didn’t see it, I’d ask my dad to drive around the block, sure enough there it was. I always thought it would be great to have some extra head room, even at the age of thirteen, my head touched the soft top on our 3A. An ageing couple with grey hair, with two very young children (about the age of me & my sister) were always seen entering the 2A. I always thought my parents were older than average parents, my dad was 43 when I was born, the 2A couple was much older. They may have been grandparents. To this day, the memory lingers on, what was the un-told story of the family in the 2A?

    I know, who cares, and I understand, but this is how these eWillys posts have a effect on me. Another trip down memory lane, very therapeutic for the ageing process.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I like the memories. It’s funny how some memories stick with a person.

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