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UPDATE: Photo taken at Snake River, Twin Falls, Idaho

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UPDATE: Congrats to Alphamav for finding someone who could identify this location. It is Snake River Canyon near Twin Falls. 

A few years ago Blaine downloaded this image from the internet. He’s always wondered where it was located.


The location today:


7 Comments on “UPDATE: Photo taken at Snake River, Twin Falls, Idaho

  1. Mark

    Well Dave we both were thinking the same. The background sure looks like the Grand Canyon. I’ve some of the South Rim and the picture looks like what I remember. So that 2 votes for the Grand Canyon!

  2. David Eilers Post author

    After some sleuthing, I no longer believe this was taken at the Grand Canyon’s southern area. The walls appear built of horizontal slaps rather than the more rockery look shown in the pic above.

    Maybe this was taken somewhere farther north, as I don’t see anything that looks like red rock in the distance.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Now that’s impressive Alphamav! I am a little ashamed that I have stood in the spot where the latter photo was taken after it had become a visitors center. I would never have guessed there was originally a gas station there.

    I’ve added a pic to the post as well. Many thanks! Blaine can sleep more easily 🙂

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