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2020 FC-Round Up Cancelled


Jesse and Andrea made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s FC Round Up due to COVID-19. I believe it the right decision, not because I feared becoming ill, but because I have two health-compromised living with me, so I must be vigilant about not bringing it home. Because iof that, I was about to contact them and explain that I could not attend, which was especially hard because I was going to attend with my son.


5 Comments on “2020 FC-Round Up Cancelled

  1. Will Regan

    Yes, I know it was a difficult decision for Jesse and Andrea to make but under the circumstances I agree it is the correct decision. Hopefully the word will get out to all who planned to attend and travel plans can be canceled. I also hope a final Phoenix Round Up can be re-scheduled in the future when the COVID-19 has been controlled and it is safe for folks attend gatherings again. Thanks very much to Jesse and Andrea for all the past “Most Excellent” Round Ups and thanks Dave for getting the word out.
    Will R.

  2. Allan J. Knepper

    Dave……seems like the right choice for all involved……a hard choice, but the right one. I’m sure we will all be faced with similar decisions in the weeks and maybe even months ahead. Stay healthy.

  3. Gray Park

    It’s not always so ez to have fun in these times . Thanks for being the best you can be ,and caring about our fellow men and woman . All my best to you and your family Gray

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