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1958 Photo of the FC Leveloder

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UPDATE: This press photo was sold back in 2013. The image has been recently circulating on Facebook, but without the description (though as Mike pointed out to me, it is a brief description).

Marc forwarded this rare photo of a unique FC.

“This is an old Chicago Sun-Times staff photo of the very unique Thompson Jeep Leveloader Truck in Action. See the Scans. Measures 8″ x 10″.”

1958-fc-leveloader-hyrdraulic1The company also built a leveloder out of a Chevrolet truck. This brochure is on Amazon. This brochure better shows on the truck can shift from being level with a loading dock to being level with a sidewalk.



6 Comments on “1958 Photo of the FC Leveloder

  1. kerry m

    Question? with out a solid frame or something front to back, wouldn’t this be kind of in unstable, or as more famously said ” unsafe at any speed”.
    I see where the box would bolt/lock to the cab, but I would think that this would put a very large load on those points on any turn- (straight would be similar to pulling a trailer) But any little swival to avoid a dead skunk in the road would make the ride very interesting to say the least

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Looks like a crazy set up to me. I think there is a good reason why this was never a popular option.

  3. kilroy

    Wouldn’t this have been used to just get the box up to a loading dock height, not to drive around in the higher position???
    Just trying to make sense of it…

  4. Pete Shashaguay

    This creation is brilliant.
    All they had to do was beff it up to specs.
    Of course they didn’t drive it up high.
    It’s for a loading dock.
    I have thought of trying to use front wheel drive fc to make it look like a heliocopter.

  5. Boomer in MN

    Hey there, Dave! I groove on the special application stuff {ya, I’m 7 yrs tardy in viewing}…

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