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Newest Jeep Stuff

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A guy in Seattle sold several lots of jeep stuff from his collection on eBay and I was a the fortunate recipient. So, Merry Christmas to me! The items that particularly interested me were the two different Baier lighters and the two wooden jeep pipes.

The Baier lighters were heavier and in better shape than I expected, while the two wooden pipes are both from France, each with engraved differently on the bottom.

The jeep toys range in quality, but I didn’t have any of them, so they were just a fun bonus. 
ebay-toys-1 ebay-toys-2

Here’s a close up of the two Baier lighters. To ignite the lighter on the large jeep with the map on the top, you turn the door handles (either the passenger side and drivers side). Turning the handle releases the hood piece, causing the lighter to spark (no fuel in it currently). The smaller jeep is the same principle, only there’s a single button above the driver’s door and the lighter piece that pops up is in the top, not the hood.


My growing collection of jeep lighters and smoking related jeeps hasn’t been planned, but does seem to be growing….



8 Comments on “Newest Jeep Stuff

  1. Mike

    Nice collection, it’s fun to be a kid again, at least, that’s my experience when I find childhood treasures.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks guys. I rarely purchase the jeep toys (I have one Tonka for example, and it’s one I’ve owned since I was 5), but the opportunity to buy the lot was too good a value. Now, I just need more room to display them …

  3. Allan J. Knepper

    Love the old pipes…….we still have several of my dad’s (not Willys) that he used to keep on the shelf in the living room bookcase……..light a fire in the fireplace……stoke your pipe……grab a book……or listen to the console radio……..those were the days. Everything except the console radio are still in the house after 75 yrs. Mom and dad are gone.

  4. Allan J. Knepper

    Dave…….almost forgot…….when I looked at your stuff I also saw a Roy Rogers Nelly Belle. While my dad would smoke his pipe and read…….my brothers and I would crowd around the console radio to listen to Roy Rogers…..and his perilous adventures on Trigger…….and Nelly Belle. It was a great Christmas when we got our first ViewMaster including one slide/disc that was all Roy Rogers……and we finally knew what Nelly Belle looked like !

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Allan: I was unfamiliar with Roy Rogers, Brady, and NellyBelle growing up, so I don’t have many young memories of them.

    Did you notice the Pat Brady autographed photo, too? That was a fun little addition (probably thousands of Pat Brady signed photos out there).

    My grandfather had a neat pipe collection that used to sit next to his smoking chair. I wished I’d gotten that, but it went elsewhere.

    Chris: I liked that the pinup-ashtray, too. Definitely something different!

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