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First Time Using a CJ-5 Trencher

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Steve shared this video of MuddOxRacing using a trencher for the first time. There are some good closeups of how the machine works.


7 Comments on “First Time Using a CJ-5 Trencher

  1. Nick

    When I purchased the Jeep, it had been sitting for decades. I uploaded a video on YouTube documenting the repair process, then this separate one for the first trenching. It was a bucket list item. The Jeep now resides on a farm in New York alongside a very large collection of vehicles from all over the world.

  2. Mike

    Thanks for posting, this was the first time I’ve seen a Jeep a trench in operating condition. Sure shakes the daylights out of the Jeep. Understandable why so many of them gave up the ghost.

  3. the cable guy

    hello , i would not like to get caught in that mechanism as its running , looks very dangerous , definitely dont drink and operate it

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