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1943 Ad Highlighting the Go-Devil Engine

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UPDATE: The eBay seller sent me the wrong ad and doesn’t know what happened to the ad shown below. So, we may never know the dates or publisher of this ad.

I can’t remember running across this two page magazine ad highlighting the Go-Devil engine. I bought it off of eBay.



2 Comments on “1943 Ad Highlighting the Go-Devil Engine

  1. Mike

    Any idea what magazine this ad appeared in? A two page ad in Saturday Evening Post, Life, or any big name publication at that point in time, no doubt big bucks.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I don’t know and was wondering that as well. I’m hoping the reverse pages of this will have more info. My best guess is Time magazine, as W-O did create some custom ad content for that magazine over the years.

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