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Anti-Spam Changes Might Result in Spam or Other Issues

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Recently, I learned that Akismet, the plugin I pay $100 year to manage my spam, announced that eWillys get too many spam requests (which isn’t my fault), so I must now upgrade to the $400 a year program.

Yeah, that’s not happening, especially given I’ve shifted into fewer updates and am no longer charging advertisers (thanks again for your past support guys). So, I’m testing out a highly rated, but free, version, called Antispam Bee. I may also need to add a captcha addition window to comments (where you are given 2 + 2 and you have to enter “4” …  I think you fine folks can handle that math).

So, I don’t know how well Antispam Bee will work or if it will interfere with non-spam comments. If you feel like your comments aren’t posting, please email me at d @, and I will see what needs to be adjusted.

For those interested, here are the spam comments from the last few months:



One comment on “Anti-Spam Changes Might Result in Spam or Other Issues

  1. Joe in Mesa

    OMG… those are staggering numbers! It must be “bots” generating the SPAM comments? It’s hard to imagine that many human spammers being so prolific.
    And I’m guessing that “HAM” is the meat or real comments we send in ?

    Thanks for fighting them off, Dave!

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