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The Ripple Effect …

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The month of July was going to be work-on-jeep month. Instead, after Ann launched her painting of the guest house, it became work-on-the guest-house-exterior month. Oh well, such is life.

One project on the house, led to another, rippling farther and farther …. First, I jumped into painting the exterior so that could get finished (Ann had to halt painting, as she began to have migraines and auras). But, that led to pulling up the deck to replace the plywood decking, which led to the realization that the whole deck needed rebuilding, which led to the opportunity to regrade around the east and north side of the place, which led to adding a French drain for the deck’s gutter.

Though redoing all this had been the plan, I hadn’t planned on doing this right now. My hope is to finish up the deck today, as we have 110 degree+ temps arriving in a couple days for a few days.

This pic shows the deck frame on temporary supports as I get everything squared up.



5 Comments on “The Ripple Effect …

  1. CraigInPA

    It’s called “Shipwright’s disease”. The shipwright is called to replace one rotten plank on a boat. He pulls that off to find the one next to it is also rotten. Pulling that off, he sees that the stringer it’s attached to is in bad shape from having boards replaced, so it, too, needs to be repaired. To replace the stringer, he needs to pull the nails from all the boards connected to the stringer. While installing the new stringer, he uses the very best modern screws, and the stringer is solidly in place. So, he uses those screws on the other stringers. As he’s replacing the original two boards, he uses the new modern screws instead of nails. The new screws look so good, and the old nails look so “weak”, that he decides to pull all the nails and replace them with screws on that side of the boat. Then, the owner of the boat comes along and asks why there are screws on one side of the boat, and not the other side, and then gets the bill for replacing the original rotten board…

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Craig … I’ve never heard it called that. But, yep, that’s pretty much where we are at, except we are paying the bills rather than sending them 🙂

    – Dave

  3. Dave Morgan

    Mission creep. It’s also a problem with jeep restoration projects, but they are more fun 😅

  4. JohnfromSC

    Ok Dave, enough about the house.😁 How about an update and some more pics of your adorable new kitty?

  5. David Eilers Post author

    John .. will do .. Tom Cruze is making himself at home. For the dogs, t he novelty of having a cat is wearing down some, so the girls aren’t quite as obsessed. Lizzie tries to play somewhat gentle with Tom, but she can get a little rough. Tom doesn’t mind mixing it up with Lizzie and, at times, instigates rough play with her. I’ll post a pic tomorrow.

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