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It’s been a long two months, but the bunkhouse exterior remodel is almost done. In the last week I have finished up the side deck and the front step. Unfortunately, the first time I installed the front step posts I was off by half an inch on one side and an inch on the other. So, I had to dig them up and re-position them. Ugh … anyway, I got everything fixed yesterday.

2022-08-30-bunkhouse-porch3 2022-08-30-bunkhouse-porch2

Yesterday, instead of doing updates,  I felt my age as I moved 65 bales of hay in 95 degree heat from the neighbor’s pasture to our place. It proved to be a good workout! We’ll likely buy all of his next batch (last cutting of the year) as well, making us well-stocked for the winter.

Tom Cruze has been a busy body. Here he is checking our the huge nectarines that have emerged (to our surprise). It seems trimming the tree this spring did wonders for both the nectarines and the peaches (also much bigger than last year).


When not climbing, Tom Cruze continues to be “one of the dogs”. Here he is showing the girls how tough he is. He’s also begun accompanying the girls outside to close the gate (a nightly excuse to take the girls for a walk). The first pic is pre-mayhem:




2022-08-20-tom-dogs6 2022-08-20-tom-dogs5
Never a dull moment when Tom Cruze is in the house!


7 Comments on “UPDATES

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks John. I’m not so much sore as I am a little tired. I’ve been doing irregular strength workouts, so I suspect that helps keep the soreness somewhat at bay … but, these days I never know what will cause this old body to become sore!

    – Dave

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Bob: Yes, Mr. Cruze is becoming master of his domain, whether we want it that way or not.

    Dan & Jack: Thanks!

  3. colin peabody

    Deck looks great. The old saying comes to mind, Measure twice, cut once! LOL!

    Tom Cruze appears to have taken over his kingdom quickly and completely.

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