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Value Range of a Ramsey 50R Winch?

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I have someone interested in selling this 50R winch (more info on the winches in general here). It lacks cable, but does spin. I know when these are complete they used to sell for upwards of several thousand, but I have no idea where the market on an incomplete winch like this might be. The seller isn’t worried about getting top dollar; but still wants a reasonable amount for it.

My *guess* would be in the $1500-$2000 range?

Also, any other details that would affect the value of this?

50r-winch-chad7 50r-winch-chad6 50r-winch-chad5 50r-winch-chad4

The winch does include the bracket. Here are two pics of it when it was in the bracket (and before he cleaned it up):




11 Comments on “Value Range of a Ramsey 50R Winch?

  1. Ted Jordan

    These are pretty rare and the value for them is determined by the M38/ M38A guys that need one. Completeness is the main thing on them as well. Correct driveline with all the original carrier bearings, mount and fairlead, correct Ramsey dual output PTO, original olive drab paint etc will bring all the money on these. If complete and ready to go I’d say closer to $4000 maybe more believe it or not. I’d say your guess seems about right

  2. muley

    Lee sent me a pic of one, complete in cradle with pto, looked like never used, from the MVPA convention in Des Moines a few weeks back. Price? $6700! Did it sell? I dont know.

  3. Lindsay Clark

    I would be a buyer for it if it is still for sale. I am not on FB.
    The problem is the PTO and other parts are MIA.

  4. Terry

    I don’t get it. I see stuff on FaceBook listed, for weeks and not sold, than on craigslist and sells in days.

  5. Lindsay Clark

    I was assuming that the long shaft with the pulleys would remove but if not that is part of the worm gear and has been changed. Originally the shaft is probably 3/4” long to accept a u joint

  6. Andy

    I have two complete sets NOS Ramsey PTO and drive shafts with carrier bearings, but I need a winch.. I might sell the PTOs

  7. Lindsay Clark

    Andy I would be interested in purchasing one of the PTO kits not sure how to give you my contact information maybe dave would forward to you.

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