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Body Progress

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With the roof repaired, I was able to return to the body on Wednesday. From sanding the body, I can see this isn’t the first time it’s been repaired (fiberglass patches and some bondo). Below are pics after applying the fiberglass filler and applying some sandable primer, but before any bondo. I’ve since applied some bondo to fill in some holes, nicks, and cracks.

2023-07-12-parkette-body-primer-filler1 2023-07-12-parkette-body-primer-filler2 2023-07-12-parkette-body-primer-filler3


6 Comments on “Body Progress

  1. Mike

    Ahh, The joy of Bondo, Recently doing some body work, I reached for my gallon can of half used lightweight Bondo tht has been sitting on the shelf for far too long, to the point of no longer useable.
    A quick trip to O’Reilly’s for a quart solved my need to relive my youth, ahh the sweet smell of fresh Bondo.
    Which brings me to this point, Bondo is not all bad, if we watch all those high tech videos, with endless pockets full of cash, You’d think Bondo was the next worse thing to original sin. Bondo has it’s place in life, spread it thin and enjoy it. Get that D/A out ready to sand.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Ed, I remember you mentioning that. Yep, that’s an Parkette racing shell I rescued from Minnesota.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Dave, I saved what I could. Turns out the chassis was a combination of two frames. The builder used bondo to make the cage welds and frame welds look better, lol.

    What I couldn’t save is cut up in a pile of metal awaiting a recycling trip. I am glad you had that second front clip. It still needed some patching, but it was easier than patching the yellow front clip.

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