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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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UPDATE: Solved the oil spillage issue. The oil was coming from the back of the engine where the oil gauge line attaches to the engine. I had made the hose a little too long, so it didn’t tighten down correctly. Trimming the line fixed the issue. So, I got to drive around the property yesterday instead of doing updates for today ….



Gassing up the racer.

The good news: I rolled the racer out of the garage, put in some gas, and tried to start it. Naturally, it didn’t start straight away. After fiddling with it, finally figured out that the manual choke needed to be opened (the choke was never hooked up on the old racer, so I never thought about it). Once I adjusted the choke, the jeep started right up! So, I will be adding a choke cable.

Unfortunately, while looking for the starting problem, I ran my forehead into the tall air cleaner bolt. It was only a large scratch and some blood, so not that big of deal. I was more made than anything. This highlights the problem with the bubble in the eye; sometimes it screws with the depth perception.


Starting the racer.

The bad news:  Once it started, it sounded as great as it did last year. However, for some reason the fuel pump didn’t stop pumping prior to starting the engine (that’s how I remember it working). This suggests to me that maybe something isn’t sealed correctly, so it’s not building the pressure needed to shut off the pump? I will have to research the pump to double check this. I’m sure the fix will be fairly simple.


Discovering the rear main seal likely needs to be changed.

The ugly news: The worst issue was underneath the jeep; I discovered that a significant amount of oil was leaking out the back of the engine. My guess is the rear main oil seal needs replacing. Ugh! It was fine when I parked it last summer (and this highlights the risk of “ran-when-parked” jeeps!). I’ll let it sit for a day or two and see if things magically right themselves.

That pretty much ended my garage time yesterday.


9 Comments on “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  1. Bingo

    Try the simple fix 1st Dave. When I wuz a kid, I had a Chrysler 300 convertible which sprung a leak on the road to CA. Dropped the pan & replaced the rear main seal, b/c dat’s where it was leaking from. It turned out to be the oil pressure sender leaking down to that point. Took me 5 minutes to change that.
    Glad yer forehead took the blow, & not yer other eye. You must be blessed by all of your readers 🙏, wishing you a speedy recovery.

  2. Bingo

    ps…if that’s a Rochester Quadrajet, tap/whack on the float bowl with the plastic end of yer screwdriver. If dat don’t do it, the Jiffy kit is an easy option. Sticky needle valve is my $.02

  3. Allan J. Knepper

    Dave… careful !! I highly doubt that your rear main seal went bad just sitting for a year. I have a gazillion years with those motors in lots of different configurations and it just doesn’t happen. Just a thought……have you checked the oil ?? With your fuel issues, are you getting fuel in crankcase from pump and/or carb not shutting off ? As someone else mentioned, very easy for something up top to be leaking and running down back of engine.
    Lastly…..what do you have for crankcase ventilation setup ? Did a hose get plugged…..lose….PCV stuck shut ?? That much leakage is very often caused by pressure build-up in crankcase.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks guys … It was best just to put it away yesterday … I will take a closer look tomorrow. It actually all worked out, because I spent some time fiddling with FB marketplace and found myself some amazing desert dogs mounted on rims that I needed! It was quite the score! So, it all worked out I suppose.

  5. muley

    so you banged your head on a bolt. too close Dave. SAFETY GLASSES! im going through cataract surgery and a retinal occlusion right now. heck i dont even eat lunch without my safety glassed now.. paranoid? you bet!

  6. David Eilers Post author

    With a cooler attitude, I started up the racer today (started on the first crank). The light was better oriented, so it took seconds to see that the oil was exiting via the oil pressure inlet. I’ll work on that later today.

  7. David Eilers Post author

    One more update … I redid the oil pressure hose to the engine today and, viola, it no longer leaks. I then test drove the jeep around the property. I definitely have to add a choke line, as the choke shifted while driving, but otherwise the early test was encouraging!

    I always have glasses on, but not always safety glasses.

  8. David Eilers Post author


    That pump came with the house. I had it stored in a shed for the last year. I moved it there as I plan to sell it, just don’t know what it is worth. As far as I know it is non operational.

    I had thought about keeping it and restoring it, as my great grandparents had a Texaco station between roughly 1930 and 1970. My Aunt still has the sign, which I expect I will get. But, I don’t see me getting to the pump anytime soon.

    Anyone want a Texaco pump?

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