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Rod Taylor’s CJ-5 … Does it Have a Tux Package?

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John B. is a fan of Rod Taylor, an actor who starred in the short-lived 1971 TV series “Bearcats”, which John watched as a teen. I was six in 1971 and don’t remember ever watching it. Here’s an introduction to it:

The reason this top surfaced is because John sent me a photo showing Rod Taylor with a CJ-5. The question is, does it have a Tux package? It appears to have chrome hood latches and a chrome bumper, but the bumper is straight and not curved like a Tux Park package. Did the 1961-63 Tux Packages ever used a straight bumper like that?



2 Comments on “Rod Taylor’s CJ-5 … Does it Have a Tux Package?

  1. JohnfromSC

    For those who might be curious, the car next to it is a Jaguar Mark IX saloon which had the 3.8L dual overhead cam 6 cylinder engine.

  2. JohnB

    I had to look it up before I sent Dave the photo.
    I have never seen a Mark VII-IX in the flesh.
    There are a couple of the earlier Mk. Vs, around.

    Taylor having a Jaguar isn’t too surprising considering he was
    Australian (not that you’d know it from his lack of accent), he probably bought it with the money he earned from The Time Machine.

    I sent Dave the photo because he was mentioned in the recently posted September 1961 issue of Jeep News. His earlier TV series “Hong Kong” was apparently sponsored by Jeep.
    So perhaps the CJ-5 was a gift or at least a good deal.

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