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My Build: Where to put the CB?


The last time I did any serious jeeping was long enough ago that I’d never heard of a cell phone.  Instead, we communicated wirelessly through a really hot technology called a Citizens Band (CB) Radio.  It was long enough ago, that CBs were still cool.  It was amazing.  We could all communicate, sort of, in between static, wirelessly.  It was so cool!

So, of course, Biscuit’s an old school jeep, so it has to have a CB.  Fortunately, among the parts jeeps I purchased a couple years ago, I managed to recover 2 CBs, one of which still works.  I figured that there still aren’t any cell towers on the Naches Trail (please don’t tell me if there is … I’m turning off my cell phone … turning on my CB, so I can listen to it crackle), so I’ll still get to use a CB, even if it is less frequently than before.

Now that I’ve decided to install a CB, where do I put it?  I considered a couple options (hang off the front roll bar loop/ off the dash board / off the windshield), but decided I would piggy back it onto my center console (documented here).  I used some flat steel from a different part of the same chunk of hood that I used to make the console.

Here’s the basic pattern I cutout.


After cutting the piece out of the hood, I sanded it and bent it.  Then, I drilled some holes between the old piece and the new piece and used poprivets to connect them.




Below the console is installed, though not painted yet, showing how the CB will sit.  The power wire and antenna wire will feed from the console.  You can see how scratched up the console is already.  I’m saving the repainting for the next, inevitable, rebuild.



13 Comments on “My Build: Where to put the CB?

  1. embreechristopher

    Just remember to run the correct length of cord and make sure the antenna is correct length. because I screwed up my cb that way. it was getting too many reflection waves and fried it.

  2. deilers

    Hmm … you mean I shouldn’t have cut the cord in preparation of shortening it? Guess I need to do some research about this. Thanks for the heads up.

    – D

  3. deilers

    Great site (new?) and great pics. I’ve never gone over in the snow, but it looks beautiful. I suspect I need to get a top first …. :-). Looks like a real good turnout, too.

  4. Mitch

    Uh…Been up a couple of months at least…One of our current candidates put it together and hosts it… I think he’ll be approved… 🙂

    We had 9 rigs start out…. 3 bailed on the other side and hit the highway. 6 continued up through Milk Lake and over manastash through Tripod flats and Buck Meadows… Long day..Awesome trip!

    Just need a good heater and a tow rig for winter wheelin without a top…A bikini (top) helps…

  5. deilers

    Ok, I got that .. well the bikini top. I’m gonna have to work on a heater still ….

    Hey, is the Manashtash Ridge Trail (the one built a couple decades ago by the WWJC & friends) still open?

  6. Mitch

    I’m not exactly sure which trail you are referring to. During my time behind the wheel legally we’ve rerouted the Divide trail out of Buck meadows a few times to repair or go around logged areas. Also what used to be 4W601 and is now 4W330- Also known as Rocky Saddle was reopened after we bypassed the really dangerous steep hill. It now connects the main trail that runs from buck meadows through tripod flats up to the funny rocks area to the Shoestring/Kaner. Right above tripod it splits off on 4w330 and connects to the shoestring at the other end. Those were 10+ years ago…. I’m sure Stan could figure out which one right… He probably walked it 100 times before we built it and did the layout..

  7. deilers

    Lol .. yeah, I have no doubt Stan knows the way all over those mountains. The trail was a very tight trail. At one end of the trail was a fir/cedar about 20 feet off of a loggin trail that you had to make a tight turn, around or through to enter/exit the trail and was between Buck Meadows and Cle Elum if I remember correctly (I can’t remember where the other entrance/exit was, but I am pretty sure it wasn’t at tripod or Kaner or Buck Meadows). I only went on it a handful of times, but it was a great small jeep trail. Stan jeeped it as well, so he might recognize the name.

    – D

  8. Mitch

    Sounds like it could be the divide which has been re-routed numerous times and logged over a few times… It is our “adopt a trail”…. Definitely not the same trail you would remember at this point. Oh..and everything is way wider than it used to be over here…Fullsizes have seen to that… Remember..the Naches used to take a full weekend to run….Now it can be done in the morning…..

  9. embreechristopher

    My cord was 18 ft long. but my cb is on a 73 f250 with a hood mount. and I deal with D and R communications in clackamas that gave me theses warnings. 1. after you are done installing the cord ABSOLUTELY DO NOT CUT THE CORD TO LENGTH. instead take the slack and run it up and down and zip tie it together. (do not coil the cord) as it will create reflection waves and slowly destroy the cb. after installation get it tested with a meter and see what wave length you’re at because the antenna will need to be tuned in by shortening or getting a bigger one.
    But here’s the number to D and R communications. 503-655-4155
    They fixed two of my cbs for 25 dollars a piece to where they worked and looked like they were brand new. and they tested and tuned my antenna for free.

  10. deilers

    Old people still do 🙂 … I’m called the old man at the basketball court. I’m not sure when that happened ….

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