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A Couple Updates For Sunday

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Glenn shared this news clip of a 12-acre antique car junkyard that’s being transformed into a museum.


9 Comments on “A Couple Updates For Sunday

  1. Mike

    Wow, What a great idea, a museum of time past, well worth the twenty dollar admission just to roam through till my heart & soul are content. For me, better than going to Disneyworld.

  2. Mike

    I think Maine, I was asking myself the same question, then I spotted a Maine license plate on one of the old wrecks in the back among the the trees.

  3. Glennstin

    Guilford is in Central Maine, Route 150 between Skowhegan and Dover Foxcroft. This old Willys Dealership, Cookson’s Garage, was run by a personal friend, the second generation owner. They didn’t throw anything away so when I couldn’t buy his old dealership literature, I bought a single sheet copier and went there, spending much time listening to old stories while photo copying many goodies. Lots of Willys History is learned by knowing more about their Dealer / Factory relationships.

  4. Mike

    Glennstin, Your info about Cookson’s Garage reminds me of my own experience in NJ, Rowett’s Garage in Franklin, NJ Sussex County was an old time Willys dealer dating back to the 1940’s. Got to know Mr. Rowett quite well, after he passed away, his daughter let me rummage through his stock of vintage parts, found a lot of gems. She told me a story about the old days, that Kaiser Jeep sent them so much literature, that they ended up burning most of it. I felt privileged, just to be trusted and allowed to roam at will.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Burnt the literature? Oh the horror! (lol .. I get why they did it, but I could use some of that!!).

  6. Bob

    That is very cool. Pretty out of the way trip for most, but I’d spend $20 to roam around. There’s a similar place in Georgia.

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